What We Can Do for You

DPU offers customised total solutions based on Security Risk Management (SRM). Our wide range of services ensures that we can support you with the particular security challenge your organisation is facing. Both in South Africa and internationally.


Security Management

Security management is an integral part of every organisation’s internal effort to ensure the safety of both its business and its employees. By pursuing well-adapted security strategies, it is possible to prevent threats and risks while minimising the impacts of sudden incidents. DPU helps you develop optimised strategies for your proactive security work. If needed, we can provide operational support and manage your security work for a brief or extended period of time.


Support Abroad

DPU offers complete security solutions for companies, organisations, government agencies and individuals wherever in the world they operate.


For new business establishments, aspects such as analysing a potential partner, verifying an employee’s background or securing a geographical location are important from a security perspective.


Personal Security

Personal security concerns the security of an individual or a family. And the precautions that need to be taken to feel secure in everyday life or in case of an incident. In order to ensure effective personal security, we consider the bigger picture and the context of the person or family in question. Various security aspects often come into play in the specific solutions we provide, such as intelligence, threat and risk assessments, training and physical security.

In order to ensure security before, during and after an incident or threat, DPU offers several types of personal security solutions. Always tailored to your needs.


Protective Security

DPU is your support for all protective security issues, no matter how far along you are in your implementation and application.


An assignment may begin with a pilot study to investigate how the legislation affects your organisation. Thereafter, we provide you with an action plan detailing the measures that need to be taken. If you are farther along in your work, we can focus on helping you with protective security planning. By leading the work related to your protective security analysis and protective security plan, SRS can help move your organisation forward. Towards your goals.


Cyber Security

DPU offers targeted cybersecurity services, including competence-building training for directors and executives as well as staff members. With proven competence and broad expertise in information security and cybersecurity, we work proactively to enhance your security in the digital sphere.


Risk Assesments

Risk assessments and security intelligence can be used both for preventative purposes and in the event of a concrete threat to an individual, geographical location, or organisation.


The purpose is to produce information on and documentation of current threat profiles, to obtain early warning of potential risks, or to create a clear picture of the situation if an incident has already occurred. For this reason, DPU offers both ongoing assessments and specific targeted measures when needed.



DPU’s investigations are based on effective project management and information acquisition, and proven assessment and analysis methods. We review your case using a holistic approach and our proven investigative methodology: we clarify the sequence of events, identify relationships between individuals, networks and companies, and assess the current risks you face.


Backround Screenings

The purpose of a background check is to confirm that there are no identifiable risk indicators, otherwise known as red flags, associated with individuals that will join or influence your organisation.